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Welcome to All About Cats! At our family of Veterinary Clinics we love all animals equally and enjoy providing medical care to all of them. So why did we devote a section to just cats? The answer is simple. Cats are unique in that they are very successful at hiding their illnesses from their human family. Often by the time you realize your cat is sick the disease has become quite advanced.

Let me use one of the most common feline diseases as an example. Chronic Kidney Disease is a predictable problem for many cats as they age. The weak link in ever cat is their kidneys. This disease is progressive and fatal. Cats show no signs of illness until they have lost 75% or more of their kidney function. At this point we often can only deliver the bad news.

On the other hand if the disease is diagnosed early via regular exams and blood work we can often slow the process down and provide many more, high quality, years of life. And the treatment, is so often, just a special bag of cat food!

This section is committed to bringing you accurate feline friendly tips, handouts, links to reliable sources about cats, and educational videos. We will bring you the most recent information about your feline friend. Enjoy!

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