Angel Fund

What is the Angel Fund?

What exactly is the Angel Fund? Our line of business brings all of us in contact with all types of people and pets. We hear a lot of sad stories about people and their pets and many break our hearts. Yes we are all softies but because we are a business and must charge for our services we find ourselves turning away people because they have no money to pay for our services.

One day the staff had a great idea to hold fund raisers and raise money to donate to pets in need. We call it the ANGEL FUND. Many clients have already donated to this fund and we thank you for that! Currently the girls donate their time once a month to trim pets nails. The cost is $10 per pet and all donations go to the angel fund.

We use the money when we have someone call us and their situation is dire, or sometimes we use it to help a good client who does more than their fair share of helping pets in need.

If your pet happens to need a nail trim please consider our nail clinics. Call for your appointment, or if you just want to donate we accept donations anytime.

Thank you for supporting this very worthy cause.