Summer Activities for Pets

Summer is well and truly here, and this season is a perfect time to enjoy lots of fun activities with your pet. Longer, drier days and warmer temperatures mean that it is possible to participate in things with your furbaby that are simply not suitable at other times of the year. Do you need some inspiration for summer activities for your pet? Read on to see some of the most popular summer-based pet pastimes.


Many dogs enjoy the water just as much as humans do, and a little dip can be the perfect way to cool off from the summer heat. If you have a pool in your yard you can utilize this to teach your dog to swim as, contrary to popular belief, not all canines are born with the natural ability to doggy paddle.

Once your pet is more confident in the water, you could even head out to a local lake or the ocean. Take the same precautions with your dog as you would a child. Never leave your pet unsupervised near the water or let her get out of her depth. We also highly recommend that you invest in a pet life vests. These work in exactly the same way as human life jackets and will give your pooch additional buoyancy so that she can relax in the water. Although a life vest will help her float, ever leave her unattended in the water.


No, we don’t expect your pet to be able to ride a bike. However, many dogs love nothing better than to run alongside their owner while he/she heads out on a cycle ride. However, since dogs shouldn’t be left to run off of the leash, you should purchase a special attachment that connects your bike to your pet’s leash. You should also train her to run on one specific side of your bicycle. This will help prevent her from running into your path and causing an accident that could see either her or you become hurt.


Your beloved pet will almost certainly love nothing more than spending time playing games with you and when the weather is warm, there is little better a classic game of fetch. Being outdoors means that you can push your dog harder and further than normal without needing to worry about breaking furniture or decorations and will provide your furbaby with plenty of exercise. Why not switch up her usual fetch toy with a frisbee – these can fly even further, giving your canine pal an even greater challenge.


Hiking takes your dog’s usual walkies to a new level. It also gives you an opportunity to explore new trails and areas, enjoy the tranquillity of nature and spending some quality time bonding with your pet. Check out reviews of your chosen route before you set off to ensure that it isn’t too long or challenging for either of you and be sure to take plenty of fresh water and snacks to keep your energy up – especially if it is a particularly long trek.

Helping your pet cope in the heat of summer

While all of the summer activities listed above are a great way for you to bond with your furbaby, it is important to remember that not all animals cope as well in the heat as we do. Those breeds with thicker, multi-layer coats may find it particularly difficult to cool down.

To help prevent your pet from overheating there are a few things that you can do, including keeping her inside during the hottest part of the day, providing adequate ventilation in your home, and ensuring she is drinking plenty of fresh, cool water so that she doesn’t become dehydrated.

You could also consider purchasing your canine a cooling vest. These innovative products work through evaporation – the same principle the human body uses to stay cool. When we sweat, the sweat evaporates and takes excess body heat with it. Pet cooling vests absorb and lock in water that evaporates over time, taking your dog’s excess body heat with it. Some cooling vests are also designed with a reflective outer layer to reflect the heat of the sun. Contact us today to know more.