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Pet Care 101 – Does My Pet Need Diagnostic Testing?

Pets are notoriously secretive when it comes to showing any signs of illness, pain, discomfort, or any other signs of not doing so well. This is a hardwired and natural instinct that is rooted in their wild roots. This is why it can be so alarming when you’re in the middle of a life-threatening illness ‘all of a sudden’ with very little, if any, notice. Rather than waiting for the time where you are forced to react to an already established condition to reveal itself in a mature state, proactive pet care can get ahead of pet health challenges before any serious issues can arise.

Healthy Homemade Dog Treat Recipes

Although can buy plenty of different types of treats in pet and grocery stores around the country, it can be much more fun and satisfying to make your own. You also have the added benefit of knowing and understanding exactly what ingredients are going in to your canine pal’s delicious goodies.

Signs that my dog needs a professional teeth cleaning

Author:Geneva Veterinary ClinicDate:2019-01-10
Know the signs that your dogs need to have their teeth cleaned by a professional. Contact us today at 440-703-8100 to learn more.

What are Salt Burns in Pets and How to Prevent Them?

Author:Geneva Veterinary Clinic LLCDate:2018-12-20
Salt burns are a serious problem affecting outdoor pets each winter. Call our Geneva, OH office at 440-703-8100 today to know more.

How to Protect Your Senior Cat from Heartworms

Author:Geneva Veterinary ClinicDate:2018-11-20
Learn more about heartworms and how to prevent your senior cat from being infected by this disease. For more information, contact us at 440-703-8100.

How to Control Pet Parasite Infestations

Author:Geneva Veterinary Clinic LLCDate:2018-10-19
Getting a parasite infestation under control is essential if you are to make your pet comfortable and prevent any serious illness or irreversible damage. Call 440-703-8100 today!

How Do I Train my Cat?

Author:Geneva Veterinary Clinic LLCDate:2018-09-20
Pet training is something that is more typically associated with canines, but this doesn’t mean that your kitty won’t benefit from learning a few things too. Call 440-703-8100 to know more.

How Often Do I Need to Take my Cat to the Vet?

Author:Geneva Veterinary ClinicDate:2018-08-20
Our veterinarian is your best support in ensuring that your cat remains healthy and lives a long and active life. Contact Geneva Veterinary Clinic at 440-703-8100 to learn more.

Summer Activities for Pets

Author:Geneva Veterinary Clinic LLCDate:2018-07-20
Read some of the most popular summer-based pet pastimes at Geneva Veterinary Clinic LLC. Call 440-703-8100 to learn more.

Common Food Hazards During 4th July Celebrations

Author:Geneva Veterinary Clinic LLCDate:2018-06-20
Know the common food and food-related hazards to pets you need to be aware of this 4th July. Contact Geneva Veterinary Clinic LLC today to know more.

Microchipping FAQs

Author:The Geneva Veterinary Clinic LLCDate:2018-05-21
See the various microchipping FAQs answered by Geneva Veterinary Clinic. Contact us today at 440-703-8100 to know more.

How Important is it to Have Pet Insurance?

Author:Geneva Veterinary ClinicDate:2018-04-20
Know about the importance of pet insurance to you and your furry friend at Geneva Veterinary Clinic serving Geneva OH and its surrounding areas.

Veterinary Pet Examination: What to Expect

Author:Geneva Veterinary ClinicDate:2018-03-20
If you haven’t taken your pet for a veterinary examination before, you are almost certainly wondering what to expect. Contact Geneva Veterinary Clinic to know more.

What is the Best Way to Clean a Dog’s Teeth?

Author:Geneva Veterinary ClinicDate:2018-02-20
Dental health is one of the most vital parts of your dog's overall health. Know about the best way to clean your dog's teeth at Geneva Veterinary Clinic.

How to Help a Pet in an Emergency

Author:Geneva Veterinary Clinic LLCDate:2018-01-19
Any sort of emergency can be extremely frightening, but this is particularly true when it comes a medical emergency that is affecting your pet. Know how to provide urgent care for your pet with Geneva Veterinary Clinic LLC during emergency cases.

Signs of Pet Stress

Author:Geneva Veterinary ClinicDate:2017-12-20
As responsible pet owners, it is important to recognize the signs that our pet is stressed. Learn the signs and guidelines to avoid pet stress. Contact 440-703-8100 for details.

Understanding Your Pet’s Stool

Author:Geneva Veterinary ClinicDate:2017-12-04
A responsible owner should be able to determine medical issues earlier by observing his pet's stool. Click here to learn more.

Pet Stress Calming Techniques

Author:Geneva Veterinary ClinicDate:2017-11-20
Stress can be an immense matter to your dog and to you if not treated immediately. Learn the techniques on how to calm your furry friend at Geneva Veterinary Clinic.

How to Prevent Knee Injuries in Dogs

Author:Geneva Veterinary ClinicDate:2017-10-04
Learn more about the tips and ways on how to prevent your dog from knee injuries. Contact 440-703-8100 and schedule an appointment today.

What to Do When your Dog is Constipated

Author:Geneva Veterinary ClinicDate:2017-09-04
Do you want to help your canine friend with his constipation issues? Read more about how to cure your dog's constipation and contact 440-703-8100 for details.

The Benefits and Risks of Feline Declaw

Author:Dr. Charles CurieDate:2017-08-22
Learn more about blogs and services by one of the best veterinary clinics in Ohio, Geneva Veterinary Clinic

Basics In Dog Training

Author:Dr. Charles CurieDate:2017-06-05
When you’re a busy dog owner, it can be difficult to find the time to train your dog. If you’ve ever had an unruly dog, then you’ve probably felt the frustrations of owning an untrained dog.

Are Dental Sticks Effective For Treating Bad Breath In Dogs?


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