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Dental Care & Oral Surgery


Taking care of your pet when they are sick is an absolute necessity when somebody is a responsible pet owner. However, many pet owners tend to forget about going to the vet when there are no problems.

Dental care is one of the areas that can suffer the most for pets when owners forget about routine exams. Fortunately, at Geneva Veterinary Clinic, we offer a variety of services to ensure that your animal’s oral health is in top condition. Contact us today to schedule your pet for an appointment to keep their teeth strong and bright.


We might think that our pet’s teeth are just fine because they have a good diet. There are a variety of different dental issues that can wreak havoc on a pet’s mouth. Most oral issues in pets do not simply resolve themselves, so getting them in to see the vet regularly, or at the first sign of a problem can be critical to improve keep them feeling good and reduce the potential for complications.

The mouth is considered the gateway to our overall health. An unhealthy mouth can harbor bacteria and infections that can easily be spread throughout the body. Bacteria often hide in the gumline, or infected teeth throughout the animal’s mouth, and can easily be ingested, or transferred throughout the body through the bloodstream.

Pet’s often do not show signs of dental problems unless the issue has become severe. Fortunately, Geneva Veterinary Clinic has the expertise to identify issues when they are small, and before they cause your pet to stop eating.


When we examine your pet’s teeth, the appointment is very similar to your own dental routine. We perform a thorough physical exam and check the gums, gumline, cheeks, teeth, and tongue to see if there are any signs of a problem. We also clean the teeth to remove any buildup from them that can cause cavities or other infections. These cleanings can also allow the gums and mouth a chance to heal from any minor infections.

Once an exam is complete, we can talk to you about any potential issues that were found throughout the exam and what potential treatment options are. Additionally, if there is the possibility of other issues, we can suggest an appropriate testing method to help understand all of the issues that your pet is facing.


Just like human teeth, there are a variety of different issues that may be discovered during an exam. In addition, just like your dentist, the best solution is to try to keep your pet’s natural teeth in their mouth. We will do everything that we can to maintain their normal teeth. When the teeth cannot be saved, we offer tooth extraction that can help your pet eliminate the potential of infection or sickness if the diseased tooth is left in place.

If your pet has any other issues that require treatment, we will work with you to help you identify the best solution to resolve the issues and keep your animal happy.


One of the most immediate benefits that pet owners see from getting their pet’s teeth examined is an improvement in their breath. These exams can eliminate the infection or bacteria that cause bad breath, and the effects are usually noticeable almost immediately. Additionally, exams can uncover problems when they are smaller and more easily treatable. Finally, our professional staff will work with you to identify ways that you can keep your pet’s teeth in great shape even when you are not in our office.


If you are interested in ensuring that your pet has great teeth and a healthy mouth, contact Geneva Veterinary Clinic in Geneva, OH today to schedule an appointment 440-703-8100.