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  • Dr. Charles Curie

    I am an Ashtabula County native. My family has been here since the 1800’s. They came here to farm and raise their families in the beautiful wooded North Country of Ohio. After graduating from The Ohio State University, College of Veterinary Medicine in 1978 I decided that my ancestors had the right idea and I too returned home to raise a family and practice veterinary medicine.

    The faculty at OSU bestowed upon me the great honor of being the most outstanding large animal veterinarian in the class of ’78. I practiced large animal medicine and surgery almost exclusively for the next 20 years. I had built the Country Doctor Veterinary Clinic in 1983 and my associate veterinarians attended to small animals for many years while I stayed focused on the areas dairy and horse farms.

    In 1996 a horse that I was working on attacked me and severely injured my neck. I was forced out of large animal practice and transitioned into small animal medicine and practice management. I love this every bit as much as my large animal days.

    Over the years our clinic has evolved from a premier large animal practice into a premier small animal practice which has been nationally recognized for excellence in patient care and practice management.

    I truly believe that our incredible staff deserves most of the credit for our success. I have had many amazing people work with me over the years and this has been the greatest pleasure of my long career. If you think about it; a veterinary clinic is just brick, mortar, medicine and equipment. It is the people that set it apart and I have been blessed with the greatest staff on the planet!!

    The clients have been wonderful as well. We have over 13,000 clients in our data base and I can truly say that it has been a pleasure to know and work with so many people who are dedicated to their animals. We are really in the people business……..the animals don’t bring themselves to the Vet! Thankfully through the people we get to meet and help so many wonderful animals.

  • Dr. Marla Hall

    Hi, I am Dr. Hall and I have been practicing veterinary medicine for 7 years now. Being a veterinarian has been a lifelong goal for me as I grew up on our family horse farm in rural Pennsylvania and participated in 4-H, Morgan Youth and showed and rode Morgans competitively which gave me many interactions with veterinarians while attending to sick or wounded animals. After graduating high school I attended Lake Erie College where I obtained my BS in biology while playing basketball and riding on the IHSA team. My next journey after Lake Erie was most exciting when I traveled down to live on the island of St Kitts and attend vet school at Ross University for 3 years. After returning to the states I completed my clinical year at Oklahoma State before returning locally to Akron, Ohio to practice veterinary medicine.

    After being gone from the area for 10 years of schooling, I learned the importance of real friendship and family after I returned home. I have a family of seven, two daughters, Anjolene (3 yrs old) and Emma (8 months), my husband, Adam and our three rescue dogs. 'Mia' is a 10 year old 'Coconut Retriever' who was born under my roommate's bed in vet school in St. Kitts. 'Stella' is a 4 year old Pit Bull whose mother died giving birth and she was close to death when her owners could no longer care for her. 'Dutch' is a 1 year old American Bull-Pit mix that came from the streets of downtown Cleveland.

    Veterinary medicine has given me a passion for nutrition, preventative care and blending therapeutic essential oils with modern medicine to bring my patients the best in overall health care. Being able to utilize essential oils on myself, my family and my pets has allowed me the chance to broaden my knowledge and experience and pass that knowledge along to my clients. I love the challenge of solving difficult or complex cases to help those without a 'voice' to be heard.

  • Amy Thompson

    Howdy, I'm Amy and I have been at the Geneva Vet Clinic for the past 5 years and before that worked at our sister clinic, Country Doctor. I do a little of everything around the clinic from vet assistant, office management, marketing and keeping our social media and website up on the latest!

    My hubby, Justin, and I have an amazing little girl, Ashlyn, who is eight going on fourteen! We also have two fantastic dogs - Micah (Boxer) and Sherman (Frenchton), as well as a bearded dragon - Inigo, a Russian tortoise - Boris, a mini donkey - Hollie, a mini horse - Flash, a pot bellied pig - Jasmine, 2 gerbils, 3 hermit crabs, 3 ducks, 6 bantam chickens, a parakeet - Nella, and a 30 gallon fish tank of tropical fish.

    We would love for you to stop in with your furry family members for a visit or to simply say 'hi', and remember you can always send us a cute picture of your fur kid to our Facebook page too!

  • Jessica Janson

    My name is Jessica and I am a registered veterinary technician. I have been working in clinics as a tech for a little over 2 years and an assistant before that. I have always been an animal lover, I was the child in the neighborhood who would bring home stray pets and ask to keep them. I would even attempt to rescue injured wild animals to bring them to the vet for help. We would always have an animal, or three, in the house with us. I turned my passion into a career after graduating from the Veterinary Technician Program at Cuyahoga County Community College.

    I currently have two cats and have recently adopted a heavy pied cockatiel and will grow my family here soon, marrying my fiance, Michael, this coming fall. I can't wait to meet you and your furry family members!

  • Deana Kelly

    Hi, I'm Deana Kelly. I am a Registered Veterinary Technician, since 1987. I love working at The Geneva Veterinary Clinic and have split the past 6 years between here and Country Doctor. All the ladies here are a joy to work with, as well as sharing our love for animals together.

    I have been married to my husband, Mickey, for 26 years this summer. We have one daughter, Meg who is a recent graduate of the Ohio State University with a major in Animal Science. We live on a small hobby farm in Sheffield Township. We own a team of Belgian Draft Horses (Chip, Ladd), 3 Miniature Horses (Gracie, Rayne, Penny), 1 Donkey (Weezer), and lots of barn kitties. In the house we have our Dachshund (Cora), my daughter's Dachshund (Heidi) and anywhere between 8-10 cats at any given time; most of which I had to hand raise for one reason or another. All my animals have given me such joy and have taught me many life lessons.

    In my free time, I enjoy cooking, crocheting, and driving my Draft Horses and Minis.

    *pictured with me is Molly, one of my house kitties.

  • Chrissy Hehr

    Hello, my name is Chrissy. I am the receptionist here at Geneva Veterinary Clinic. When you call in I'll most likely be the first person you talk to and I can't wait to help you and your pet with whatever you need. I am newer to the veterinary field and am always learning and growing my knowledge base with every pet that comes through the clinic doors. I look forward to taling with you, meeting your four-legged family memebers and answering your questions. For as long as I can remember my family and I have always had an extended fur family. I currently have two cats, Nipper and Gus, I love my boys very much. In my picture with me is Nipper.

  • Amanda Lawson
    Vet Assistant

    Hi, I'm Amanda and I've been a Veterinary Assistant here at Geneva Veterinary Clinic since August of 2015. I'm originally from New Hampshire but most recently Hawaii, where my husband, Neil, was stationed in the military for three years. We moved to Geneva in May of 2015 to be with my beautiful stepdaughter, Amelia.

    I currently have three dogs; a 12 year old Pug/Chihuahua mix named Bailey, and a two year old Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix named Sophie and a Border Collie Mix named Nyla. I also have four tortoises; Bubba, a Redfoot Tortoise, Leo, a Russian Tortoise, Tank, a Sulcata Tortoise and a Leopard Tortoise named Mikey.

    I have been working in the veterinary field for about 4 years now and I absolutely love it. I'm currently enrolled in Penn Foster's Veterinary Technician program and working towards getting my degree. I love working here at Geneva Vet, and the crew that I work with is amazing. It's been great getting to know our clients and their pets!

  • Danie Majetich
    Vet Technician

    Hi! I'm Danie and I am a Registered Veterinary Technician. I am actually a Mahoning County Native, but love working out here at Geneva Veterinary Clinic! I am new to the role of a RVT, but have spent a lot of time over the years working as a recpetionist and vet assistant as well as caretaker in the animal field. When I am not working here I am most likely working back home on the squad as an EMT or responding to calls on the engine as a firefighter. I have an amazing dog, Jenny, three cats, and a goldfish. I am truly blessed being able to help both animals and people and am thankful for the path I have been led down. I can't wait to meet you and your furry family members and help them out in anyway possible!

  • Sheila Stevenson

    Sheila helps out in our reception area, greeting everyone with a smile and always willing to chat. Sheila has two fantastic pooches, Eleanor and Theodore.

  • Bethany Molzon
    Vet Assistant

    Coming Soon...