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Caring and Compassionate Pet Euthanasia

Euthanasia is something most people would rather not think about, all too soon it seems, pets become old and or ill, and when they appear to be suffering, sometimes pet euthanasia is the most caring and compassionate thing a pet owner can do for their pet.

Understanding When It's Time to Say Goodbye

It can be difficult for pet owners to determine when it’s time to say goodbye to their beloved pets, especially if your pet has good days and bad days. If you are unsure as to whether it’s time to say goodbye, Geneva Veterinary Clinic can evaluate your pet’s health and answer your questions in order to help you make a decision. Some of the questions to ask yourself about your pet's quality of life include:

1. Your Pet Is in Chronic Pain that Cannot Be Alleviated With Medication

2. Your Pet Has Stopped Eating, Drinking, and/or Lost a Significant Amount of Weight

3. Your Pet Has Chronic Vomiting and Diarrhea that Cannot Be Controlled

4. Your Pet’s Activity Levels Have Dropped Significantly

5. Your Pet Can No Longer Stand or Walk on His or Her Own

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End of Life Services

Once you arrive in our office, you will have the option of choosing how involved you wish to be in your pet’s final moments. Whether you wish to stay with your beloved dog or cat throughout their final moments, or only through till sedation, our team will escort you to a private room where you can spend quiet last moments with your beloved pet.

During the procedure, we will give your pet a sedative to relax them prior to giving the injection that helps your pet pass peacefully. Once your pet has passed, you will have the option to take your pet back home for burial in a quilted cloth bag, or we can arrange cremation services for you, with or without ashes being returned.

At-Home Pet Euthanasia

An increasing number of pet owners are choosing at-home pet euthanasia in order to help their pets be as comfortable as possible and in a familiar environment to pass. We do not offer this service, but can provide information for companies that do offer only in-home end-of-life services. There are local options for cremation services that will either come to your home when they are needed as well, or you can go to them and choose extra memorial items.

For questions about pet euthanasia or to schedule an appointment with Geneva Veterinary Clinic, call us at (440) 361-4363 today. We will do our best to make this difficult process a little easier on your pet and family.