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Expressions of Gratitude


Thank you so much for taking care of my boy..

Donna Cerutti


We just want to give a big THANKS to all of you for the many years of care you provided to our Gigi. A special THANKS to Dr. Miller whose constant dedication to Gigi's well-being helped her longevity reach 20 years & 8 month. She didn't quite live long enough for the camping that she loved so much, but she will still be with us. She loved riding in the motorhome where she served as co-pilot. We miss her every day, but have many memories and know she is in a better place. Once again - THANKS - for all your care!

Gigi's mom & dad - Melanie Huffman and Merle Tingley

My deepest heartfelt thank you to Dr. Emily and staff for making the last hour of our beloved Remington's life so peaceful and calm so that a very brave 12 yr old boy could be with his best friend until the end. I know everyone says this, but he was truly the best dog ever. We will miss him so. 

On a lighter, happier note, please let Dr. Emily know that my cat Charlie has stayed out of trouble this year!

-Ann Moses

Dear Staff,

I wanted to thank you for the care you gave my son's gecko (Gizmo) in the beginning of summer. Sadly, Gizmo passed away. We were thankful that we found your facility that took care of geckos. Your thoughtfulness and follow up calls as well as the wonderful welcome card we received meant a lot. Your entire staff was very compassionate and caring.

Thank you - The Jericho Family

I wanted to thank you for the tender loving care that you gave Tabitha. We miss her so very much but we know she is in a better place. We had high hopes that the cancer treatment would work, but I guess it was not meant to be. 

-Wayne & Brenda Stoltz

Dr. Miller and Staff-

We were so blessed to have you taking care of our beloved Sammy. You all were so kind and compassionate and we appreciate that. You kept wonderful communication. You gave us time and comfort that we needed to say "good bye". We are grateful for your smiles and tears. Enjoy some pizza or some other snack in memory of Sammy.

-Jack and Susan Hogle

Dr. Miller & Staff,

Thank you so much for seeing Jannie and treating her on Thursday when All Creatures was closed. You were all very kind and caring to us and to Jannie. Jannie got very sick the next day, and worse by late Friday night. Sadly we had to take her to see Dr. Dill on Saturday and have her put to sleep. Her little body was shutting down, both her kidneys and liver. Our hearts are broken and missing her terribly.

Thank you again for your kindness,

Cindy & Butch Cook

GVC Team,

We want to express our thanks for the loving care you gave to Nala over the years. Her ashes, along with Nico's, will be scattered at our camper where the two of them liked to lay by the pond.


Rick & Pam Ohler 

To all the staff at Geneva Vet Clinic,

Lane and I want to thank you for your kindness and understanding and support when we brought Annie in to the clinic for her last time. The decision to euthanize a loved pet is not easy even though one knows it's for the best. I also think it must be difficult for all of you. We also thank you for letting Annie stay in the car with her head on Lane's lap. She felt peaceful there and it made her passing easier for her and for us.

Thank you,

Lane & Jane

To all the staff at Geneva Veterinary Clinic-

Thank you so much for providing so much love and caring to Noodles & our family. We appreciate you all so much!

-Ben & Meghan Zielinski

Dear GVC Staff,

Brenda and I are profoundly grateful to you all for the care you rendered this past Wednesday the 21st to our 12 year old Bichon Frise`, C.J. (Christmas Joy) following his sad encounter with a skunk the evening before at our GOTL rental vacation cottage. When C.J. was sprayed full in the face by the skunk, he had apparently cornered in the back yard, his first (and one hopes his last) such encounter with this form of Ohio wildlife. C.J. is looking (and smelling) much better and improved now that he is home in Cleveland and following numerous tomato juice and baking soda baths. One looks forward to future perception of humor of the situation. Thank you for your caring veterinary and your caring homosapien skills and services rendered to those in need.

Yours every sincerely,

Revs. Don & Brenda Grauer

Dear Dr. Miller and Staff-

Thank you so much for your care of Cali. We appreciate all your efforts to try and give us more joy and time with Cali. We were so fortunate to have so many years with her. The concern and care you give is wonderful. You are all special people.


Kelly & Terri McConnell

To our beloved Geneva Veterinary Clinic Family-

How do we begin to say thank you for all you have done for our sweet boy, Toby Keith, and our family. His passing has been one of the hardest losses we have felt in a very long time. It has left us with a very deep sense of pain and sorrow because he was with us for 16 wonderful years. His sweet spirit and kind heart impacted so many. We will forever have a void in our hearts that only his little heart fits. Yet during this tragedy it was your grace, professionalism, and most importantly LOVE that helped us let go and let Toby be fee. Your genuine hearts and level of humanity was and continues to be astonishing to us. We are so blessed to have you all in our lives. We have and continue to be so lucky to have you as part of our family! Thank you for loving and accepting us. Thank you for giving our sweet boy a beautiful end of life. You truly our God's Angels!

With Love and Appreciation, 

Michelle, Amy, Carol, Rich and Bailey Falcione

Dear Friend,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your donation towards the Harpersfield Volunteer Fire Department's 45th Annual Beef Roast. Your commitment to helping the HVFD is sincerely appreciated.
With your generous support, the monies raised from our raffle will be used for training, equipment and gear for our firemen. The goal of the HVFD is to continue to keep our community safe. With the help of donations from supporters such as you, we are able to further the firemen's education, keep their gear up to date and keep our equipment safe.

Thanks again for your generous support of our efforts to support HFVD!

Dear Geneva Vet,

I love you. I am so grateful for Cyndi, the receptionist, Chrissy, and the vet, Dr. Miller. God bless you for taking care of my baby jack russel, Bubba. Thank you.

God Bless,
Connie Wigsmoen

Dear Family at Geneva Veterinary Clinic,

No one can say thank you enough. I want to say, Thank You, to everyone. We, Kim, Terry and I, sure found a home when we came to GVC with Doge, Nitro, Hershey, and Pugszilla. We are so blessed. Our extended family members mean so much to us and to see all of you also so upset/sad about our Hershey Grace Molnar, aka "Gentle Giant", touched our hearts yesterday. Terry felt so comforted with your concerns, thank you. Special animals, special people, special memories - no one can ever take these away from anyone. You are all that to us and more.

Sincerely with love,
Kime, Nancy, Terry and Pugszilla

Dear Geneva Veterinary Clinic,

Thank you very much for donating the pet goodie basket for our auction! We had a very successful night thanks to the support from our friends & family in the community.

The Northwest Ambulance District Auxiliary

Dear Geneva Veterinary Clinic,

We got your card, Sasha is doing so much better. She is up walking around, drinking and eating her regular dog food and she is almost done with her pills. Her incision is healing and is not red nor swollen and she is very happy to not be sick any longer. Thank you for saving my dog, if it wasn't for you guys she would not be here, you guys are her hero.


Thank you so much for your service, your friendliness, your help during our appointments and phone calls concerning Gizmo Ferron. Especially thank you Dr. Christi Hanzel and staff for your compassion and patience on 2/14 the night we had Gizmo put to sleep. It meant a lot to us for you being there.

Thank you all,
Don & Kelly Ferron

Geneva Vet Clinic,

I would like to take a moment to say "Thank you" for the card. It sure did brighten my day. He was a very good boy and brought so much happiness to our home for so many years. November 28, 2018 will be a day we will remember forever as well as the kindness and compassion. Special shout out to Dr. Stephanie, you are wonderful thank you so much!!!!

Dora Lira


I can't explain how much I appreciate you taking the extra time to come and help with Chicken (our cat) on that extremely difficult day. I will be forever grateful! You gave a sense of comfort, not just that day but during her first few visits after being diagnosed.

Thanks for everything, it meant a lot,

Thank you for once again supporting our fundraising event, Tunes for Tails, that helps support the efforts of the Ashtabula County Humane Society in protecting the animals of Ashtabula County. Your donation of a doggie basket was a popular auction item.

Thank you!
Debbie Sistek

Losing Prince was very hard. We appreciate the care you gave him and how compassionate you and your staff were.

Perry & Lisa Heath

Dear Friend,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank yo for your donation towards the Harpersfield Volunteer Fire Department's 44th Annual Beef Roast. Your commitment to helping the HVFD is sincerely appreciated.

Kind regards,
Rachel Donohoe
HVFD Raffle Booth Chairman

Dear Dr. Hanzel,

Thank you so much for saving Milo's life!! He is doing better every day thanks to you and your staff.

God Bless You All,
Nancy Calaway

Geneva Vet Clinic,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your donation towards the Harpersfield Volunteer Fire Department's 43rd Annual Beef Roast. Your commitment to helping the HVFD is sincerely appreciated. With your generous support, our raffle booth was able to raise over $5,000! This money will be used for training, equipment and gear for our firemen. Thanks again for your generious support of our efforts to support HVFD!

Kind regards,
Rachel Donohoe (HVFD Raffle Booth Chairman)

A special note to say thanks,

Thank you so much. Chase is doing great, he's even eating and not throwing up, which is the first time in 7 years.

Thank you,
Jan Taylor

Dr. Hanzel & Staff,

Thank you very much for taking such good care of our old girl, Judy. We called very late in the day last Thursday after we could not get an appointment at our vet's office. Our poor Judy had taken a fall down our stairs and was having difficulties getting around. As soon as I spoke with the kind lady who answered the phone, I knew we had called the right place. I only wish we had gotten her name. When we arrived that wonderful lady greeted us and made us feel that we were your only patient. We never felt that we were imposing at the end of your very busy day. The kindness and compassion continued with Amanda and you, Dr. Hanzel. We cannot tell you how much your kindness means to us. We are singing your praises to anyone who will listen and we look forward to seeing you for all of our vet needs.

With much appreciation,
Tim & Cindy Miller (Judy, too)

To the Staff at the Geneva Vet Clinic,

I just wanted to sincerely thank you and tell you how much I appreciate how well you care for Fiona.

Thank you,
Deanna & Fiona Hessley

The Staff at Geneva Vet,

We appreciate the way you cared about our Odessa in her final moments. We feel she passed peacefully. Her little heart was bigger than her pain.

Thank you,
Shane and Shellie

Dr. Hall,

Thank you for letting me do my internship with you. It was a great experience and I can't wait to be working in this field in a few years! I really enjoyed working with you and the staff! I'll definitely miss you guys.

-Tori Ray

Dr. Hanzel & Staff,

Thank you very much for taking such good care of our old girl, Judy. We called very late in the day last Thursday after we could not get an appointment at our vet's office. Our poor Judy had taken a fall down our stairs and was having difficulties getting around. As soon as I spoke with the kind lady who answered the phone, I knew we had called the right place. I only wish we had gotten her name. When we arrived that wonderful lady greeted us and made us feel that we were your only patient. We never felt that we were imposing at the end of your very busy day. The kindness and compassion continued with Amanda and you, Dr. Hanzel. We cannot tell you how much your kindness means to us. We are singing your praises to anyone who will listen and we look forward to seeing you for all of our vet needs.

With much appreciation,

Tim & Cindy Miller (Judy too)

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking such great care of Olaf!


Jim, Natalie & Sutton Morton

Dr. Hanzel & Staff,

I am so grateful for the care you gave Dixie Rose. I am glad you were there with her and me to the end. I know you have many patients in you practice but you always made me feel like Dixie was one of your own family members. You showed so much love for her and you have no idea how much that means to me. Dixie was my angel, my baby, my everything and the loss of her is unbearable. She was so special and I can see that she made her mark on your lives as well. Although it has been only a few weeks, the time without her seems like forever. I am heartbroken and I know time will ease the pain, that this is just unfortunately part of life. I received the lovely frame from you and my heart is full of gratitude. I thank you for your love and support in my time of sadness. In time, I may be blessed to have another precious soul in my life. When that time comes, I hope that you will care for them as you had my Dixie.


Jody Harchalk

Dear Dr. Hanzel & Staff,

Thank you so much for the professional and loving way that you handled Scout's death! We are still mourning her, we loved her so much! It's hard for me to write this but we are getting a female black pug on Friday, so we will be seeing you soon!!! Just a special note to Amy, I will never tease you again about not working! I don't envy your job at all! Thank you for being there when we really needed you!!! We both appreciate all the things that you did for us that day! We will never forget what a great bunch of people you all are!

Love ya all,

Rollie and Debbie Hart

Dear Dr. Hanzel, Amy & Staff,

Mike and I are so touched by your kindness, support and generosity as we said goodbye to our Shammy girl. With very sad, heavy hearts we move forward ~ we appreciate all you effort and time.

Thank you,

Marie White & Mike Schuster

Donation towards your Angel Fund in memory of Abby Fenlason

Abby was a sweet girl who was blessed with a wonderful family and she will be deeply missed!

Sincerely Ann Taft & Family

Dear Dr. Hanzel & Staff,

Thank you so very much for taking such good care of Camryn. You all do a wonderful job with her and we feel comfortable with her in your care.

Thanks again,

Mike & Jen Pocza

P.S. She'll be wearing her cone at all times, no staple picking out this time :)

Dear Dr. Hanzel & Staff,

I just wanted to take the time to let you know how very much I appreciated you getting my Luna in on 1/15/16 and doing her surgery and fixing her up. My girls are my whole world and my life and it really meant a lot to me that you made her better!

Thank you so very much!

Carol Speck

Just wanted to thank everyone for being so kind to Missy! Dr. Hanzel, thank you for your kindness an being there to the end with Missy. When you said "you can go home now honey" and kissed her at the end, that will stay in are hearts forever.

Thank you,

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Cole

Dear Country Doctor Family,

Thank you so very much for your contribution to the third annual Race To Cure Blindness. Because of your generosity, we donated close to $3700 to the Foundation Fighting Blindness! We had a wonderful race. The day was warm and sunny. There were 20 volunteers, over 40 donors, and 53 runners. Some runners stated they ran for a family member who suffered from macular degeneration.


Dave & Kathy Pereson

A quick thank-you to the nice lady, Amy, who helped us on August 1st get the Kwik stop for our dog while we were staying at the campground in Geneva. It's always great to run into people willing to help & go beyond what's needed.

Thank you very much,

The Young's

Dear Folks,

I think I was discharged too soon. A couple days more basking in your TLC (and yummy cat food) would have been nice. I don't mean to throw this lady I'm living with under the bus. She's okay but the food sucks and I'd like to have another one of those tender touch baths that I got from you. Maybe I could work there for you in exchange for food and baths. I could guard the stock of food that you have. The lady I live with now says I'm very good at hanging out in her kitchen watching the food. And I don't even like that food half as much as yours!


"Al" the cat

Dr. Vets & Staff,

A good deed is a reflection of a persons soul. You are all beautiful! Every one of you! I can't recomend you high enough. I will never forget your kindness & compassion.

God Bless and Thanks So Much,

Becky & Baby McEndree

Dr. Hanzel & All the Staff,

Thank you so much for all the care you gave to Goofy! You all made it possible for us to have him a few more years! Thank you for the awesome glass plaque, we love it!

Bob & Amy Nye

Geneva Veterinary Clinic,

Thank you for once again remembering our clientele this past holiday season! Your donation of 95 pounds of food was extremely needed. We served 200 families last month, 23 of whom were first time clients. These items will be appreciated by those who receive them.

Again, thank you for your kindness. May God continue to Bless Your Staff, your Clients, and your company in 2015!

Valerie Leitch, Director

Geneva Interfaith Food Pantry

Dear Geneva Vet Clinic,

Thank you so much for your generous support of our election day lunch. It's people like you that make our efforts worth while. Your donation enables us to continue our mission work both locally and beyond our community.

Thanks again,

Harpersfield United Methodist Church

Thank you to all of you, your the best. Thank you for taking care of my little Girlie, I also received your card.

Thank-you again for everything,


Dr. Hanzel & Staff,

We would like to say thank you for taking such good care of our Bailey for all these years. She was such a very special girl to us! Thank you and the wonderful staff there for letting us take the time we needed and for being so caring and so compassionate. It doesn't go un-noticed :)

Thank you for being there for Bailey and us both,

Jamie & Matt Brugett

Dearest Doctors & Staff,

Thanks for the glass memorial for Marlowe. You were ALL so kind & loving to our Marlowe. Thanks for the wonderful care you gave him & Josh. We love all of you.


Vickie Theilan

Thank you so very much for your sympathy and for the outstanding care you gave Marlowe. I deeply appreciate everything you did for him and us!

Thank you,

Joshua Theilan

Thank you so much for the beautiful memorial plaque for our Abby. That was so thoughtful of you. She actually liked coming there, wandering the hallways and exploring. Both of our dogs never seem to mind so much coming to your vet. Enjoy a treat on Abby (box of chocolates), us and Betty. You guys are so wonderful!

Thank you!!!

Abby, Betty, Sandy & Dave Strach

To the wonderful staff at the Geneva Vet Clinic:

I remember after shortly moving to Harpersfield Twp. I didn't have a vet and Tucker came down with ringworm. I called several vets in the area and you were the only one that would see Tucker immediately in Jefferson. (Geneva didn't exist yet). I warned you that Tucker hated vets and I would need a muzzle. To my surprise Dr. Curie came in and said "let's wait and see". For the first 15 minutes he totally ignored Tucker, who was laying in the corner, and talked with me getting his history. While talking to me, he would toss Tucker treats. After 15 minutes Tucker was sitting next to him. It was at that moment I knew I had found the right vet for Tucker.

You opened up the Geneva Clinic and Dr. Curie limited his time there but stayed after a meeting to treat Tucker. It was at that time that Tucker was introduced to Dr. Hanzel and she took over where Dr. Curie left off.

All of you were so patient and caring with Tucker offering him the good treats and making him and myself welcome whenever we stopped in even if it was just for a weigh in, his last several months. The race being who could get to the scale first, Jessica to turn it on or Tucker!

You guys are the best around. After seeing how you treated Tucker I quickly transferred Dakota to your practice. Hopefully after a short trip in the near future there will be a new dog in my life from one of the shelters to keep Dakota and I company.

FYI: Tucker has left his mark on more of your landscape than you will ever know.

With sincere thanks,

Julie Dougherty

Geneva Staff,

Hi, you may not remember me but I had brought in my sweet doggie Austi. Back in May he was defeated by 11 years of fighting with pancreatitis. I've been wanting to come see you ladies to thank you for being so sweet to me and for taking care of Austi when I couldn't. I couldn't seem to get the strength to walk into the building Austi passed away in. I want to also thank you for putting Austi in such a nice bag with his collar on top, and for the card. It all meant so much to me.

Thank you again and God Bless!


Christina Roberts

To the Geneva Staff,

Thank you so much for taking such good care of our Ozzie. It was twice as scary to be so far from home and have your "little one" get sick. Your concern and care was above board. He's all better now and our loving playful boy.

Thank you again,

Jeff, Susie & Ozzie Trundy

Dear Dr. Hanzel & Staff,

My Mother and I wish to extend our sincerest gratitude for your kind and caring treatment of Felix, our beloved cat. We also wish to thank you for your caring and patient attitude in evaluation of Buddy, our sweet Boston Terrier mix. We regret to inform you that Buddy was evaluated in Stow and at the ER clinic in Akron and was found to have end-stage cancer with metastasis to the lungs. We said goodbye to him while he was in a peaceful, drug-induced, state. We miss them both terribly but take comfort in knowing we had them thoroughly evaluated and cared for by your kind staff. We are holding tight to the good memories and the opportunities we had to let them know how much they are loved.

Thank you,

Barbara & Alison Amsdell

Thank you for everything!

Vaughn, Darlene and Guinness

Dr. Hanzel & Staff,

Thank you all for the "Pawprints" plague in memory of Davis. Also many thanks for the care over the years from all of you regarding our pets. We sure miss the "little man".

The Haffa Family

Thank you, your kindness made our fundraiser a great success.

The Little Corkers (Cork School)

Thank you.....again and again.

Dr. Hanzel & Staff,

I can't thank you enough for all of your endless efforts with Paisley. Also, your extreme amount of patience with me. Haha! Although things didn't turn out the way I had hoped, I did get the answers I needed to make the right decision, and that is all thanks to you and your amazing team!


 Melissa Anderson

Just want to say "Thanks a lot", For all the pleasure Your kindness brought! Thank you so much for the Pet Memorial for Crystal. We miss her very much, so thoughtful of all of you!

John & Sybil

We are very grateful to the entire staff for all of the kindness that was shown to us in our time of need. You all are our guardian angels!

Thanks so much!

Roberta & Shiloh Williams

Thank you. You may think it was no big thing but to me it meant everything!

Dr. Hanzel, Jessica and Deana, thank you all for your kindness & compassion. It meant so much to me & my family. Amy, Christine & Vanessa, thanks for helping Tootsie's senior years be good ones. I appreciate all that you do! You are all wonderful! I am grateful to have you in my animal's lives!

Thank you so much,

The Hopkins Family; Jackie & B.B.

Thank you for your generous donation to our reverse raffle, which was a great success, because of you. Thank you for helping us support Ashtabula County Special Olympics.

Thank you again,

Truckers Helping Hands

Thank you for being one of those special people. My Husband and I want to thank you and your staff for taking such good care of Puddy and peacefully putting him to rest.


Shirley & Herman Gomez

Dear Geneva Veterinary Clinic Staff,

Thank you so much for the great care you have given to all of our pets. We appreciate all that you have done for us. Thanks again!!


The Riippa's

Dear Dr. Hanzel & Geneva Staff,

With our true appreciation for your thoughtfulness. Thank you so much for your hard work & dedication to our Hanford. Your kindness & understanding will always be appreciated. Hanford loved coming to see you and hanging out with the girls!

Thank you,

Maria & Mike

With sincere gratitude and warmest thanks.

For the beautiful expression of sympathy. We will treasure it always.

The Brandt's

Our Thanks,

With our true appreciation for your warmth and thoughtfulness. Thanks for the wonderful treatment and respect shown to our dog, Jack, and our family during such a difficult time. We appreciate all that you have done over the years so that Jack could be part of our family for so long. I will miss coming in every 30 days to pick up pills for Jack. He had a great life and we thank you for that.

The Benjamin's

I just want to say Thank You to everyone at Geneva Vet Clinic who did all you could for my Maggie. Dr. Curie who first saw her and found out she was diabetic, Dr. Hanzel who did a wonderful job helping myself and my family get thru her last moments, and the staff, who is so much more than just helpful. You have all been so understanding and caring.

I miss Mags so much, but I know she is now pain free, running after her ball, and swimming like crazy.

Thank you!

Jodie Davis

Thank you so much for your kindness.

Jimmy is much better. I stopped all pills and used diluted vinegar and it worked.


Ron, Betty and "Jimmy" Stewart

Just wanted to thank you for caring for my service dog, Geneva, whe she was sick on June 17th. I was vacationing at Geneva-on-the-Lake when she got sick and I was worried about her and was lucky to have found you to help her.

I vacation at GOTL a couple times a year, and it's good to know that you are there if Geneva needs help in the future.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Geneva. I was very impressed with your office and with all of you, Geneva recovered completely within about 24 hours.

Thank you,

Sally Arndt & Geneva

Many Special Blessings to the wonderful doctors and nurse's at the Geneva Vet Clinic.

I believe our furry friends are from the Lord to give us great joy, peace and love. We thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for taking special care and love for our cat Buster.


The Tippie Family

Dear Geneva Clinic,

I was just at your site on Pinterest. I am very impressed! Particularly that you took the time to set up a Military Animals Board. Thank You for recognizing these "animals" that contribute so much and get so little recognition. Again - thanks for taknig the time.


Dear Dr. Moseley,

I just wanted to take a moment to send you a deeply sincere sense of gratitude for everything you helped us do for our cat Spooke. Your guidance led to the saving of his life. This cat is incredibly special to us, as all of our pets are. He is family. He is doing remarkably well & back to himself! Thank you so much for your professional experience and heartfeld compassion. You are an amazing vet!

God Bless you (Spooke sends his love),

The Lomas Family

Dr. Curie & Staff,

Thank you for all that you did for George & thank you for the beautiful engraved glass plaque. Hope you know how warmly you're thought of, and how very much you're appreciated for all you do.

Love, Kate & Phil Nebraski

Dr. Curie & Staff,

Just a note to say "Thank You" from Buttons and myself. We thank you for all your care, love adn tears for us. I miss her more than I can explain. She always greeted me and where ever I sat, so did she. She traveled everywhere with me and always made more friends. We visited nursing homes as well.

When she heard Pampered Pooches coming down the road, she got so excited. She loved them, thank you for referring me to them.

Thank you all for all the care you gave her. Thank you for helping me with "my little girl".


Barbara Crossley

I wanted to send the picture of the baby that I took while she was in the office being looked at by Dr. Curie in Jefferson. She is taking her bottle very well and drinking about half a bottle a sitting. She is also very receptive to her eye drops. Thank you very much for helping her Dr. Curie. She still doesn't have a name, many are being tossed around between my nieces and myself. She will come back for a visit soon though and hopefully she will have a name by then! I wanted to send this picture because as Dr. Curie said yesterday, how many times do you see a goat in diapers? Thank you again Dr. Curie and staff.

Dina Van't Veer

Dr. Curie, Dr. Veale and staff,

Thank you so much for your support during Kozar's illness, and the dreaded task that you took care of yesterday for us. All of you are truly wonderful people and Jim and I are lucky to have you in Jefferson and Geneva.

Dear Dr. Hanzel & Staff,

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Lola during & after her surgery. You guys are the best!


The Burgett's

Dear Dr. Hanzel,

I was in the Geneva area this weekend, visiting from Michigan. My 8 month old shih tzu, Rocky, became violently ill over the course of this last Friday evening. When his vomiting, etc. continued into Saturday morning I contacted your clinic.

May I just express my appreciation at the kind-heartedness of Jessica, who assisted me on the phone. She listened to my stroy, and promised to speak with the vet and get back to me. Within a half hour, she did exactly that. We all agreed it was likely not an emergency situation (abrupt change of food type), but Jessica gave me the emergency number for Mentor in case Rocky did not improve during the remainder of our stay.

Kudos go to you and the staff of the Geneva Vet Clinic for assisting me- knowing I wasn't a "regular" client, and genuinely caring about my puppy. Jessica also led me to the Education page (on the website), which has so many informative articles regarding animal care!

Jessica's last words to me were "I hope Rocky comes out okay and feels better soon." I was struck by this kindness and had to write to express my appreciation.

Rocky is just fine now, he ate boiled chicken and rice for a couple of days and there are no ill effects!


Dawn Buckner

Thank you for all you have done for "Carbon" on August 31, 2012.

A great team you are!

The Wilson's and Dean's

Dr. Moseley,

Mandy is doing great, she is back to her old routines, and playful as ever. We have even gone to a

homemade dog food, and it seems to have improved her overall condition.

Thank you again for all your expertise and compassion. You have a wonderful staff.

Thank you very much,

David & Mandy

Dr. Curie,

I was traveling cross country after retiring, with my 2 jack russell's. My 18 yr old, Mowgli, was sick and I found your clinic around lunch time. I will never forget your kindness and professionalism in dealing with my beloved dog and with me. I have told my story many times and always remember you and your employees fondly. You and I put Mowgli down in your clinic with dignity and love and compassion. Your whispers into Mowgli's ear to find peace and to look for your Honey and to tell her you loved her. Today is the 1 year anniversary of Mowgli's passing and it finds me happy and living in a friendly community in Oregon just minutes south of Portland. My other jack russell terrier, Boris, is 15 years old now and still very active and healthy. There is so much outdoor space, parks and trails with in walking distance and we really enjoy it all.

I hope this note finds you happy and healthy and still doing your wonderful veterinary services.


Renee Newton