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In Memory of


Rosie on the left. Pepper on the right.
These 2 mutts were Tom and Jeanne’s first dogs as a married couple. Tom got Rosey 1985 from the shelter in Portland Oregon. She was a adventure dog. She loved to travel and she went with us everywhere. She flew in a airplane, stayed in motels, came cross country by car with us, seen the Grand Canon, Loved the South West, and was happy to live on our farm in Trumbull. She lived to be 14 years old. She was a sweetheart always!
Pepper, we got from a local lady in Saybrook when Rosie was 9-10. She hated him! He grew to be 110 lbs. Big boy but the most kindest, loving dog ever. We later called him Saint Pepper. Pepper never did anything wrong! I took him to puppy school – class 1 he did everything right, class 2 off leash and he stayed by my side from then on. He was always wanting to please. I know one day when I cross over, for sure that dog will be waiting for me. Rosie will eventually find us too. LOL...
Pepper died at 11, the hardest thing I ever had to live through.


Cando : This picture is from Sauvies Island in Portland, Oregon. We rode around looking at Mt. Saint Helens after her top blew in 1980. I bought him as a 8 year old, and we rode many of trials together. Brought him to our farm in Trumbull where he lived out his days. He was a strong horse who loved to go. We seen many beautiful things together. Many happy memories. He is in glory now being able to see again and his legs are free of pain. We will meet again! Jeanne Higgins